Safeline-FP Delivers Personalized Safety Netting Across New York City

Safeline-FP offers faster turnaround times on personalized safety netting in New York City and nationwide. As a contractor, you’re well aware of the legal requirements regarding construction safety netting. You can’t start the job until fall safety netting is installed, so you need quick delivery and installation. Keeping your workers safe while they construct high-rises is extremely important. Our life-saving personalized safety netting systems meet OSHA safety requirements and are ANSI A10.11 2016 tested and compliant for fall protection.

We Take Construction Safety in NYC As Seriously as You Do

In addition to protecting your workers, personnel safety netting systems are equipped with a fine debris liner layer, which allows them to act as a debris containment net, capable of catching and holding various types of falling debris, materials, or tools. Safety netting helps keep people at lower levels and on the ground safe. We also offer fire-retardant debris liners and conform to NFPA-701, ensuring construction safety throughout the duration of your project.

Our Personnel Safety Netting Systems Are Built to Last

The base net material of our personnel safety netting systems is a #120 knotted, high-tenacity nylon industrial grade material. Our safety netting is 3 1/2 inch mesh, ensuring they will stay intact and serve as excellent fall safety netting throughout the project. Our personalized safety netting systems provide NYC and nationwide contractors with superior benefits because they have more stretch than other synthetics and provide a more cushioned stop. If you’re concerned about wear-and-tear and ultraviolet degradation, trust that Safeline-FP is a superior safety netting supplier in NYC, Washington D.C. and nationwide. Our construction safety netting is shock-absorbing, made from diamond mesh, and is treated with inhibitors that protect it from wear-and-tear.

We Diligently Test All of Our Safety Netting

All custom personnel nets are bordered with 5,000-pound minimum-test synthetic rope with attachment hooks four feet (o.c.) and staggered for attachment to other nets, making them ideal personnel safety netting systems for NYC, Washington D.C. and nationwide:

  • Construction Sites
  • Bridge Construction and Repair Jobs
  • Power Plants, Oil, and Refinery Production
  • Building Demolitions
  • Renovation Projects

Specification Sheets

PSN Mounting Brackets

We design and manufacture all steel components and proudly stand behind our products. Made of U.S. steel and manufactured in the United States, our mountings are traceable and consistent. Moreover, we have rental options available. We take great pride in our ability to customize personnel safety netting systems that fit the constraints of your worksite and deliver them quickly.