Safeline-FP Offers Construction Debris Netting

Installing personnel safety netting systems is just the first step. Protecting employees working several stories above ground is crucial, but so is preventing damage and injury from debris fall that inevitably accompanies construction work. A debris liner can be added to your personnel safety nets as one unit. This all-in-one system allows you to save time and money. As a contractor, you don’t just have to worry about the safety of your employees on the upper levels of your project. People on lower levels and the ground are exposed to falling debris, placing them in danger of various injuries, any of which could cause extended absences from work or even death. Safeline-FP provides fully-customizable construction debris netting to Washington D.C. and nationwide contractors. We offer fast turnaround times, so you suffer no downtime while waiting for you debris netting to be installed.

Trust Safeline-FP with Your Debris Netting Installation

Any contractor overseeing a project with multiple levels will need construction debris safety netting installation. Washington D.C. and nationwide contractors need netting that both protects workers on the ground from injury and provides fall safety protection to employees on the upper levels. Safeline-FP’s line of debris netting adheres to strict specifications. It is fire retardant and comes in 2k, 5k, and 10k pound ratings with the ability to contain everything from tools to heavy steel. Additionally, our debris netting is made of high-tenacity polypropylene synthetic fabric, which allows for more stretch than other synthetics and ultimately absorbing more force from falling debris.

We Offer a Diverse Range of Products with Fast Turnaround Times

Our construction debris safety netting comes in a variety of technical settings. We can deliver whatever is right for you to your job site quickly and effectively.

Specification Sheets

R-Guard 2K

  • 2,000-pound rating
  • M1250 High Tenacity Polypropylene knotless netting
  • Containment of lumber, tools, and light concrete debris
  • Designed for light debris containment

R-Guard 5K

  • 5,000-pound rating
  • N820 High Tenacity Polypropylene knotless netting
  • Containment of heavy concrete and steel
  • Designed for vertical containment

R-Guard 10K

  • 10,000-pound rating
  • N820 High Tenacity Polypropylene knotless netting
  • Containment of heavy concrete and steel
  • Designed for horizontal containment


Construction debris safety netting is vital to the success of your construction project. Safeline-FP understands that and supplies safety and debris netting to contractors in New York City and Washington D.C. Our products are meticulously tested and come in high-tenacity varieties. Additionally, they meet OSHA safety requirements and are ANSI A10.11 2016 tested and compliant for fall protection and debris netting specifications.

R-Guard 5K Specifications
R-Guard 10K