Safeline-FP can custom engineer and fabricate stairs that meet your specific requirements. We can build custom access stairs such as crossovers, stair towers, mezzanine decks for any industry.

We incorporate Heavy-duty steel bar grating; our typical bar grating is open to provide air circulation and lighting below the mezzanine/catwalk.

In cases where Steel plate deck is the ideal mezzanine flooring option for heavy point loads, catwalks and other applications. In situations of extreme point loads, steel plate will help distribute the weight efficiently throughout the mezzanine structure. Steel plate deck is ideal for areas where containment or cross contamination is a concern.

Safeline-FP Offers Construction Catwalks & Elevated Walkways

Safeline’s catwalk system are your best solution for conveyor and equipment access.

Our catwalks are engineered and fabricated to be highly durable. We use a heavy duty gauge steel in our platforms and mezzanines. You’ll notice the difference with the structural stability of our catwalk systems. Our bolt together application allows for faster installation, no welding and ease of assembly.

Safeline’s catwalks can be ceiling-hung or supported from the floor or adjacent structures.
Our system design gives you the flexibility of ceiling-hung drops wherever needed.
With ladders or stairways, our catwalks also can be used for safe, convenient access over equipment.

We offer pre-assembled catwalk sections as well as custom-engineered catwalks.

In addition to our bolt together systems we offer prefabricated catwalks, walkway, they can be custom designed to fit your application. Width options are 18, 24, 30 and 36 inches.

These preassembled catwalk sections are easy to install, with a simple 4-bolt connection.

Custom Designed Catwalks
For applications where pre-assembled catwalks are not feasible, Safeline can custom design a catwalk system for any need.

Along with access to conveyor systems in material handling settings, metal catwalks are ideal solutions for access to industrial equipment.
Our catwalk design is compliant OSHA safety standards

Conveyor Access