Partnering with you in Construction Site Safety

At SafelineFP, we understand the need for quality safety netting and handrails. With the proper products, your project will continue while reducing delays and incidents. Not only will you be purchasing the highest quality of fall prevention solutions on the market, but we will work together with you and your team to ensure everything is installed and operating properly.

We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and training within the field for over a quarter century.
The netting and steel components are all proudly made in the United States
As your fall prevention partner, we join you on your worksite to answer your safety-related questions.
As innovators in our field, we design and manufacture handrails that include corner rails, an option that addresses important installation challenges.

Personnel Safety Netting System

The original knotless netting. Our nets have been tested, and exceeds ANSI A10.11 2016 protocol. Our nets are second to none, don’t settle for substitutions when you can have the original. Our nets are often copied but never duplicated.

Safeline maintains an inventory that is ready to ship when you need it, we offer custom sizes with reduced lead time meaning you will have the product when you need it.

We offer a complete turnkey system that can not only get the netting you need, but the complete structure system as well. Why shop somewhere that only provides netting, when you can get a complete system, training and installation.

Material Handling Netting

Our OSHA compliant netting solutions are custom fitted to your facility and optimized for your application. From full pallet protection to material containment, all you need is Safeline-FP.

Training Services

If we install your fall protection solution, we will provide training to your team on how to properly clean, retract and extend your netting. If you have chosen to self-install, we provide a one-day training in classroom accompanied with hands-on experience and an overview of all safety manuals related to your project.

Offered Courses

  • OSHA Construction & General Industry (10 hr.)
  • OSHA Construction & General Industry (30 hr.)
  • Fall Protection Awareness (8 hr.)
  • Fall Protection Competent Person (16 hr.)
  • Silica
  • Scaffold Supported
    • User (4 hr.)
    • Refreshed (8 hr.)
    • Erector (32 hr.)
  • Rigging
  • Confined Space

Safety Equipment Installation

Allow us to install the safety equipment onsite in order to ensure that it is done correctly, according to OSHA safety standards. Your properly installed equipment will ensure your project meets your safety requirements